Car Inspection Industrial Endoscope Camera


  • Lens (mm): 8mm
  • Wire Type: Hard Wire
  • Plug Type: EU plug
  • Model Number: P40
  • Brand Name: GUANMOU
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Certification: CE
  • Smart home platform: Other

• 1080P HD Resolution :Enjoy crystal-clear visuals with the camera’s 1080P HD resolution, making it easy to identify and diagnose any issues.

• 2600mAh Large Capacity Battery :With a 2600mAh large capacity battery, the camera can operate for extended periods without needing to be recharged, making it perfect for long inspections.

• High-quality Snake Camera :The camera’s high-quality snake camera allows for easy and thorough inspections of tight spaces, making it ideal for use in cars, pipes, and other narrow spaces.

• IP68 Waterproof Sewer Camera :The camera’s IP68 waterproof sewer camera allows for inspections in wet environments, making it perfect for use in sewers, drains, and other wet areas.

• High Resolution Camera :The Industrial Endoscope Camera has a resolution of 1080P, providing clear and detailed images of your inspection target.

• Dual Lens Design:With a single dual lens design, this endoscope camera can capture both wide-angle and close-up shots, making it versatile for various inspection tasks.

• Waterproof IP68 Rating:This endoscope camera is waterproof with an IP68 rating, allowing you to use it in wet environments without worrying about damage.

• LED Lighting :The built-in LED lighting provides bright and illuminating lighting, making it easy to see your inspection target even in low-light conditions.

• High-quality video recording :Capture clear and detailed images with the 1080P resolution and 8mm lens.

• Waterproof design:Inspect pipes and other areas underwater without worrying about damage from water with the IP68 waterproof rating.

• Dual lens camera :Easily switch between the single and dual lens modes to capture different perspectives and angles.

• LED lighting :Illuminate dark areas with the built-in LED light, making it easier to see and inspect.

Industrial Endoscope Camera 1080P 4.3 Inch IPS Single Dual Lens Pipe Car Inspection Borescope Camera IP68 Waterproof With 8 LED

Main Feature

-Power on and play

-4.3 inch screen.

-For Dual lens : Two views are display on one screen at the same time

-Can take picture and record video

-Both front camera and the side camera are up to 1080P resolution,good for image capture, video recording.

-IP68 waterproof camera.

-Build-in 2600mAh battery for 3-5 hours working time.

-Rigid cable can easily shape what you need.

-Equipped with adequate accessories, Hook, Magnet, which can adapt to a variety of environments

Application : Car overhaul / Check water leak in wall / Check gas tank / Check drain pipe in shower /Check hydraulic leak /Find out tiny

spots that need fixing


Monitor: 4.3 HD color screen

Resolution: 2.0 megapixel HD 1920*1080P

Line length: 2M/5M Hard Cable

Focal length : 4CM-5M

Waterproof:IP68 waterproof (only for lens cable)

Lens diameter: 8MM /3.9mm

Light source: P40 6- 8 LED Lights (adjustable),

Battery endurance: About 3-4 hours

Battery : 1 * lithium battery, 3.7V, 2600mAh


1.There are single lens and dual lens optional.

2.The TF card is not included.

3.8 MM Sing lens is 8 LED , 3.9mm single lens is 6 LED.